methadone treatment for addiction

Methadone addiction treatment

Quality methadone treatment for addiction

Methadone’s success in reducing the harmful effects and behaviors associated with heroin addiction have led to its status as the “gold standard” in opiate addiction treatment. Despite the Phenomenal success of methadone, and its proven track record over the past fifty years, it has made its share of enemies. Methadone’s foes, once a small group of people primarily concerned with keeping clinics out of their neighborhoods, have coalesced into a major movement. They have allied with legislators to enact laws that are posing a very real threat to addiction treatment in this country. methadone treatment for addiction

In the initial stage of methadone treatment for addiction, a patient must report to the clinic everyday. making the patient attend the clinic daily imposes structure on his life and it allows the staff to monitor the patient closely.
As patients spend more time in treatment with negative drug tests, they slowly earn take-home doses. This allows them to continue treatment without having to come to the clinic every day. Take-home doses are a valuable tool; not only are they a carrot to encourage patients to stay drug free, they improve a patient’s employment and family situations by not leashing her to the clinic every day.

opiate addiction treatment.

The laws that pose the greatest threat are those that cut off methadone treatment after a set period of time.Since the vast majority of these patients cannot afford to pay for methadone treatment, which can cost upwards of four hundred dollars a month, these laws effectively end treatment for thousands of patients.
The effects of this, on both the individual and the state, will be nothing short of disastrous. Officials fear that the vast majority of people who suddenly stop methadone treatment will turn back to illegal drugs and crime. Even methadone patients who have been stabilized on methadone for a number of years, changed their life habits, and tapered off the drug very slowly still relapse in incredibly high numbers.

methadone treatment for addiction

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